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Our TC Dojo Mentoring Sessions are for anyone who needs some one-on-one time with an expert who can focus on you–your specific situation, needs, and questions.

We’ve found that a lot of people have questions that go deeper than answers on a mailing list but not so big that it’s worth engaging a consultant. Like someone who has an XSL or XSL-FO that isn’t doing what they expect. Or someone who is figuring out how to recast content according to DITA best practices and just wants someone to help them out of the mire. They want someone to bounce ideas around with, someone who can focus on them for just a minute so they can get back to everything else they have to do.

Do you have a question about a specific situation you can’t quite figure out? Want someone to collaborate with about your information architecture or reuse strategy? Are you a lone writer or the sole person responsible to a bigger team for something complex and just someone to talk to?

We’re here to help.

Start by clicking on the time that works best for you and then fill out the form that follows! If you want to bring a couple of other members along for the ride, you can: Only one person from your team needs to book the session. The session is yours to do with as you wish. YOU are the topic.